Monday, April 6, 2009

So we're back

I was trying to wait until the lab results came in to update, but it looks like it may take a few more days.

We are back from Children's Hospital, and I'm sure glad the surgery is over. It is so scary to see your child go under, especially for a wimp like me...

They didn't find anything in her throat, but they did say her esophagus was 'white and mucous-y' they took a biopsy. We are now waiting on those results, although I hope and pray that it is nothing.

Of course, now that she knows how worried I have been, and am, about her, she is acting like a little shit. She refuses to eat anything she doesn't like, and then blames it on her 'choking feeling'. LOL, it's funny and frustrating at the same time. Right now I'm catering to her though, as I wait for the results... she has lost quite a bit of weight, so I don't mind giving her only food she likes for the time being, so she can gain it back.

As far as the gluten free/ wheat free/ caseine free diet goes, we're doing alright... there are a lot of crazy products out there made out of who knows what that he can actually eat. Tonight he had 'rice-cream' and loved it :-)

In other news, my job is going okay, tax season (I work in the property tax department) is coming up, and people are starting to act like real shits. Always complaining and fighting about the taxes. Look people, I don't set the tax rate okay?!!!  Jeeez.

Oh, and one more random thing that pissed me off this week:  JP is a manager of his business, and he is totally different in his people skills than me. I am more intense and bossy, and he is relaxed and down to earth.  The problem is that sometimes, not often, people he works with forget that he's the one in charge. Example: We go into the business over the weekend, and one of the girls working there starting talking to him like he was the new kid in town.  

At one point she started arguing about a price with him, and she said 'you dipshit' to him. My mouth flew open and I couldn't believe it. I walked out of the store because I was furious and he stayed to finish the conversation with her. Back in the car, he said that the girl was just pissed off about something, and that he wasn't sure why she was so mad. I told him he needed to write her up for being insubordinate to him, but he thinks I'm over-reacting. 

In the end, he said he'd talk to her tomorrow, when she is in again, but I think he should have sent her home then and there.

I guess that is why his workers love him and would hate me as a boss... I'd put soap in their mouths, I swear I would!