Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sluts or skanks? Neither, just a new girl

Yes, I am referring to our new employee we just hired. Lovely lovely girl, all of 19 year old and more flakey than the snowflakes in my backyard.

But it's not in a bad way, just amusing. I have a window in my office so I get to watch the interaction daily. Have I mentioned I work in a mostly male field? (only male workers, only male clients) I am -should correct that, was- the only female there.

In walks Stacey. Let's call her that because you won't know if it's real or not anyway :-)

Fresh young meat. You could see the guys, circling like vultures.
Yup, circling.

So, like a bad accident, I watch. I pause and I look out my window.
Here, I'll draw a picture for you:
19, young and blonde. Her wardrobe must be left over from her last job as a call girl, because all she wears is skin tight shirts and short short skirts. When she wears jeans they're super low cut. So you have no choice but to notice her, um assets.

She's sweet as pie, but clueless. Men have two views to choose from. If they're in front of her, and she's at the desk -while they are standing mind you- they get to look down her shirt. If they're behind her, watching her lean over her desk, they get to see the pretty rhinestones in her g-string.
Win win situation for all.

Except that my boss is now asking ME to address this delicate situation, and to 'take her under my wing' so I can help her fit in better. He means make her more prude-ish like me :-)

Now I am not one to be at a loss for words, but I don't want to be the one telling her anything. And that guy in the office upstairs, I don't want to talk to him about deodorant either!! There are just some things that cannot be brought up delicately.

Hmmm... maybe if I am her "Secret Santa" and buy her a sweater, maybe that'll work!


Sayre said...

I've seen this problem before and it's always tricky to deal with. Perhaps if you approach it from a "professionalism" point of view - sit her down and ask her what her goals are with regard to her new career, and then break it to her that no one is going to take her work seriously if she's still dressing like a college kid. Once she absorbs that, you might be able to point her in the right direction clothing-wise.

I work with a lot of college kids and have had to have this talk because they think that they're going to have a big career in TV. And after I finish telling them to stand up straight and get the hair out of their faces for their resume tapes, I tackle the clothing issue. Unfortunately, some of them won't believe you until they've been passed over a few times because of they way they look...

Eileen said...

I've been waiting for a new post. Um, thanks for the new one.
You??? Prude??? Hah.
Next time she's bending over and you can see her g-string, ask her about it. I've never worn one, so it would be easy. 'Nice undies' can always start a conversation.
Yah, good luck with that one.

tweetey30 said...

Oh boy do you have your slight problems.. LOL.. Well just tell her that dressing like that isnt really appropriate and maybe she will change. I guess sometimes I am very open.

Jazz said...

How glad am I to not be in your shoes?

You'd think she'd have a clue about office attire.

Lisa said...

While I'm sure you will be as diplomatic as you possibly can about this situation...I think the bottom line isshe's distracting her male work colleagues. From a boss's point of view, and of course a professional perspective..that's a lose/lose situation.

Depending on her maturity, she could think you're talking to her about it, because you're jealous. But as Sayre says, noone is going to take her seriously if she continues to dress like a skank, oh I mean, college kid (lol). You could just let her know the boss asked you to have a word with her about it, and that some of the office men are feeling uncomfortable around her. Dunno.

And like Eileen, I almost choked on my breakfast when you referred to yourself as prudish lol.

Whatever you do, good luck!

I.A.M.L. said...

Sayre - I too, think it's a 'maturity' thing... she's only 19

Eileen - Prude, did I say prude?! I meant rude :-)


Tweets - I chickened out completely today so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Jazz - I wish SOMEONE was in my shoes. (they're not very big ones to fill anyway)

Lisa - You should choke on your cereal, I can't believe you doubt my prudeness factor! Why, I, yeah ok, I'm a total slut. But at least I dress nice at work.

Diesel said...

Here's what you do: Start hitting on her. Real obvious-like. And tell her that you just can't help yourself, because you love a girl who dresses like a total whore. Maybe cop a feel or two.

Either she stops, or she complains to your boss, in which case it's his problem.

You're welcome.

I.A.M.L. said...

Diesel - If I cop a feel, I fear more men will gather around to watch. The goal here to STOP them from looking, lol!

Dave said...

Two things.

If you hit almost thirty days again without a post!!! OK, I'll keep checking regularly.

As to the hottie, she knows what she's doing, she just doesn't no the aftermath. Maybe a lunch with a story or two of the results of not being taken seriously, the details of which you gleaned from other young womens' travails.

I.A.M.L. said...

Dave - Your implied threat has been noted! No more slackin' for me:-)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I've been in this situation from both sides before. I used to be the blonde clueless one and had a boss, Mrs. Brown, who was a former model. She inspected all her "girls" prior to the store opening each day, she would address every item of clothing, undergarments and makeup before the store opened. "You, go to the makeup dept. and change that eye shadow. You, go to lingerie and get some black hose to go with that outfit." You, those earrings are gaudy,..." and so on. Much later in my life, I worked with a Barbie just bursting at the seams of her clothes. All the secretaries got together and sat her down to discuss "office attire" and that higher-ups were considering firing her because she gave off an unprofessional look that they didn't want their clients to see. She made a complete turnaround. In the office I'm currently in, our front office receptionist thinks its okay to wear hoodies and hipster pants that show her crack. The girls here are working on her. I would tactfully approach this girl and let her know that her work is good, but if she wants to move up in the company or this world, how she is dressed will tell people how to treat her, and tell them what she is capable of. If she wants respect, dress respectfully. If she wants to do well in this business, dress professionally, and so on. Good luck!

Dan said...

Does your company have any openings? Where shall I send my resume?

Just kidding. :)

La Cremiere said...

In the UK we have words for that, Eye Candy is the nice one and the other rhymes with hut and starts with sleigh, it's very christmassy.

La Cremiere said...

hahaha sorry it was your post title, so I guess it's the same word in the UK than in Canada to describe your new office accessory.