Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now that Big Brother's over...

Yesterday the cleaners got fired, so we all had to take our garbage to the dump ourselves.
Nothing like trotting across the parking lot in stilletos and a white leaking bag of crap.
Today the water guy came in an proceeded to remove our water cooler.
Did I mention we're on well water? Hello!!!
Anybody else smell layoffs coming?


HamiHarri said...

Oh no! I hope not.

PS I missed you!

kristi said...

I know the feeling, one of my coworkers got fired the other week, too! She does our cleaning. I am putting my resume out there!! It is scary!

tweetey30 said...

I hope not. Yikes you have only been there a short time. Yikes.. We all miss you in our own ways.. Keep us updated on job please..

Eileen said...

Poor baby, you had to take your OWN garbage??? I would quit if I were you. No employee should ever have to take their own garbage out.
Without a doubt, you should receive hazzard pay.

Eileen said...

PS...Glad you're back, I missed you!

ablondeblogger said...

The whole world will fall apart now that Big Brother is over! *sob*

I have a little something for you on my blog, btw. :)

That girl said...

HamiHarri - I missed you guys too!

Yup, we're all getting laid off. Lucky for me, I am going to be transfered to another company, the owner owns 4 of them. So, I'm safe...sorta.

Kristi - I feel okay now that I know I am going to keep working for the same owner. Just a different division, that's all. But it was scary for a few weeks, wondering what I'd do.

Tweets - I know, I only started in March. Luckily, I have always be lucky enough to get another job right away if I needed to, but nobody likes to start fresh if they don't have to.

Eileen - I know!! I should get grievence pay. You won't believe what I did by the way, I got a city job offer (FINALLY!!) and turned that sucker down! Can you frikkin' believe it? And now this... haha. Can't win (the hours were sucky at the city - well, not sucky, but until 4pm and now at this job, I finish at 2pm so I get to pick up the kids from school myself...I'm spoiled)

Blonde - I know you are the only one who feels my pain!! I was SOOO addicted to it. Yet again, I spend all my free time on that spoiler blog reading all about the live feeds...just like you. I'm glad Dan won!

VV said...

May the luck of the Irish and any other lucky group be with you. Hope everything turns out well for you. Welcome back.

Fned said...

Jeez I didn't get the part about the layoffs until I started reading the other comments! I'm so glad your job is ok but how scary! How did this happen? (did I miss a post or something?) Or is it the freakin' financial crisis that is killing us all at the moment?

In any case, glad you've landed on your feet girl and let us know how the new company/division goes!

P.S. You get off work at 2pm?!?!!! Bitch.

Just telling it like it is said...

I know it seems like everything has kind of hit the fan...
at least you still have your high heels..
Just remember the big guy never puts on us more than we can handle...

GoteeMan said...

not good signs! NOT good signs!

J/ (

Dave said...

The good news, you actually posted. The bad news, your subject.

Clicking stilettos should consider walking down the street.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is really creepy!

Think happy thoughts! There is JUST NO are going to be laid off!

Hopefully they are just cutting costs a little bit!


Welcome back!

Jazz said...

Not good. Not good at all.... Good luck.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Jiminy Christmas! Doesn't sound good.

Anonymous said...

Call the city back...maybe they will still take you. I mean a transfer is good but then again maybe that won't last long either. Lucky you have good skills and it helps that you're good to look at too.

Good luck, kiddo.