Sunday, August 24, 2008


Reposting this for Fned ....
Blog land. It's a different kind of place.
For those of you who have recently moved to the neighborhood, welcome. This is really the kind of place most people usually only read about. It's nowhere in particular, but right outside your front door. You can be yourself. Or anyone else for that matter.
You can be as open or as raw as you wish. You can be as creative or as imaginative as you wish. You can be the person next door, or you can be the one that's unreachable.
Blog land has rules, as most good lands do. But blogland's rules are a bit sketchy and not as rigid. Most of us who live here are easygoing and there are not a lot of hooligans around. I am only guessing, but if we were to be asked what motivated us to move to blogland, I bet most would say we were just looking for a place to be ourselves .
Be it fact or fiction, entertaining or dramatic, we all want a piece of our own land, here in blogland.
So we moved and we built our own little space, eventually we met the neighbours. Like all lands, we'll have many that we instantly click with and like to catch up with every day and some that we don't click with as well, but feel like we have to stop and wave every once in a while or they'll get mad.
Sometimes we get stuck in a neighbourhood with that one neighbour that nobody likes but everyone sort of puts up with. Probably the lady with the hundred cats, who nobody visits. She'll sometimes come by and you just think to yourself " I bet those cats would leave too, if they weren't locked in"...
Another common trend in our land is voyeurism. We all have those familiar faces that we see, and start to recognize, but for some reason they never stop to wave or say hi. They just watch us from the car. Then they leave just as quickly as they came, but days later, we spot them again. Makes me wonder, why are they here? Are they scouting the neighbourhood, trying to decide if they want to move there? Or are they simply lost? Should I say hi first?
I wonder if it's hard being a police officer in blogland. It's really not a very fast paced place. I doubt the officers get to write a lot of tickets for not stopping at the red blog. Or taking off too quick from another one. Indeed it's the kind of place where all happens at your own pace, and on your own time. If you don't have time for it today, blogland waits for your tomorrow.
Sort of like Florida I would imagine.
Sometimes it seems like a "masquerade party".... everyone has their own masks on, looking for clues to other's identity. Some are quite cleverly the cat lady, (who I bet, if you look closer is probably male) and some not so much.
After almost a year of being here, I have decided that I am glad I moved here, and have all of you as neighbours. I am happy to come home and catch up with you, learn about your day, and even after I am asleep, it feels good to know that you can still check up on me.
Yup. I sure do have great neighbours here. I'd lend each of you a cup of sugar anytime.
Even those of you who never stop and say hi.


Hammer said...

Well said. Very creative way of explaining this odd virtual world.

Laura said...

Heh, what a great post. I like my neighbours too :)

Fned said...

Great post! Glad to see ya neighbor!! :D


Leilani said...

Yes, it was a great trip and I'm glad to be home. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

That girl said...

Hammer - 'odd virtual world'...hehe. Key word being 'odd', right?

Laura - How was California girl?? And more importantly, how was last night?!! Sorry I couldn't make it, but it was waaay too late for me, (kids wake up at 6am here) Hope you partied like it was 1999!

Fned - sorta ties in with your post, lol.

Leilani - good to see you back.

minshap said...

Well I looked up the word "voyeur" and that is definitely not me, though I am one of those people who happen in on blogs without necessarily commenting (I've also been called a lurker); at any rate, I'd just like to defend myself. If I don't "say hi" - as in leave a comment - it's probably because some other commentor has already said it for me! Since I don't check my blog to see who is visiting but not commenting, I keep forgetting that other bloggers whose blogs I read do that. Sorry. But don't worry - there will probably come a day when I read your blog and leave a comment because there's something I feel like saying in response to your entry and no one's said it yet. In fact, I think that day just came!! HI!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Very nicely done! :)

Just telling it like it is said...

Wow...said so perfectly right!!!
Here in blog land I can be myself say crazy stuff...and never be judged.,...It is even encouraged in some cases...
course it doesn't take much...

Bryna said...

Hey neighbor! I stopped by to see if you picked up my mail for me while I was away. :) Were there any hooligans roaming my property? Let me know.

tweetey30 said...

I like my virtual world here and I miss everyone of you that comes and visits when you have time. Hammer hit it on the head.. LOL.. You made this very creative.

Tammi said...

You hit the nail on the head...or did you copy/paste that?lol
Cuz that was perfectly put.
If it's sorta like Florida,we should prolly get a second opinion from Stacy here:
She's so crazy....but she DOES live in Fla.(giggle)Must be nice.
Hooligans:I haven't heard that word in ages.That's the definition for :alot of people I have to deal with at work!! :-}

Tammi said...

Oh,I forgot to mention.
I kept ONE blog for like 6 straight years.Before anybody even talked about blogging...but when a co-worker stumbled across it...girrrrrrll!Let me tell ya! I had to shut that sucker down and FAST.
SOME things aren't meant for your co-workers to hear.Especially if it gets passed up the corp.chain.
Yesss,I have a few skeletons in my closet.Heck,everytime I open my mouth a bone flies out!lol

That girl said...

Minshap - No need to defend yourself...even if you WERE a voyeur, which we've just established that you're not, I'd never know. I don't have one of those sitemeter thing-ys. Welcome to the neighbourhood :-)

Crzy mom - thanks! I know you only live a few doors down from me!

Just telling - that is what I love about it too. And some days you can just totally flip out and these virtual neighbours will still be there for you anyway.

Bryna - Well I wasn't gonna say nuthin' but I saw the mail piling up so I figured you were out. Either that, or having one of those really looong steamy romance sessions.

Tweets - I always come by to your blog and read you whenever I have a few extra minutes to spare.

Tammi - Nope, it's not copied and pasted from anywhere, it's all my original writing (although - technically, it's copied and pasted from my old blog - which I had before this one, and I do re-use old posts sometimes.) I too, had to 'shut that sucker down fast' when it was discovered, but I couldn't bear to delete it, so it's on private. But I never write in it anymore, now that I have this one...I just like to know it's there, and I go through the old posts once in a while - like this- and reuse them as I see fit, hehe.

By the way, if I say "hooligans" am I dating myself??

Just telling it like it is said...

That girl: that is right...I have a sence that everyone that reads my blog really gets me...cause everyone is not able...but I am thankful you stop by and I really enjoy your blog....thanks from one blogger to another...

ablondeblogger said...

Can I borrow some butter, Michelle? I'm totally out. *grin*

I'm glad we live in Blogland together. And I think the Blog police should kick out every mean person that lives here with us!

ROFL @ the cats wanting to escape, too!

That girl said...

Just telling - Glad I found your place, it's nice to visit.

Blonde - sure, but here at That Girl casa, we only use margarine honey. (Now don't roll your eyes at me)

PS - Amen to the blog police and I could go do a 'lineup' and identify and point to those meanies so they haul their butts out of our neighbourhood!

Dave said...

Great writing.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I KNOW I am glad you moved here!

You're my favorite Canadian after all!

Lovely post!

ssgreylord said...

clever way of capturing the whole blogland world. new to your neighborhood. loved your blog name while scrolling down thatdarngirl's blogroll and thought i'd drop by. thanks for the entertainment.

Just telling it like it is said...

Were are you we miss you!!!!

Ann(ie) said...

I love this! And I love it here in blogland.

VV said...

Where you at? Missing your posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for blogland also. it's wonderful to have a place that I can say what I think on any given day. If I think I'm funny or smart or have a question to ask blogland is home and a safe place to be me. I can delete coments that I do not like and not join in a debate that I don't want to be in. I can speak my peace or keep to myself. I never feel like there is a need to be phoney. I love that I can be me.

Glad to have you in the neighborhood Michelle.

Great post. I love that we have no deadlines to meet in blogland. It's wonderful to move at our own pace. Some days I am overcome with the need to write and write and write some more and other times I can go for weeks with nothing to say. Blogland allows me the space to be me.


luckyzmom said...

I sometimes feel like the cat lady you mentioned, though I haven't any cats.