Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blogger eats comments?!

How odd... I've heard of this, but it's the first time that it happened to me... I had 2 comments eaten by blogger yesterday, Hammer's and Sayre's. Both were there, and then they were gone... has that ever happened to anyone?


Sayre's comment was a meme, so here we go:

(she did bribe me with an award, so how can I refuse?)

Attached or single? Attached. Married to Frenchie.

Best friend? Frenchie.

Cake or Pie? Pie a la Mode.

Day of Choice? Sunday.

Essential Item? A purse to complete your outfit.

Favorite color? Red.

Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears.

Hometown? Little town in eastern europe.

Indulgence? Massages, purses, shoes.

January or July? We have both kids birthday in January, right after I'd say July.

Kids? A couple.

Life isn't complete.... without my husband and my kids.

Marriage Date? Sept 11... I know... I know.

Number of Brothers and Sisters? I'm an only child.

Oranges or Apples? Apples - does anyone really prefer oranges?!

Phobias? Someone hurting my kids. I'm paranoid.

Quote? "This too, shall pass."

Reasons to Smile? Tonight? Jesse got evicted from Big Brother. I'm addicted, remember?!

Season of Choice? Fall. I love fall. Beautiful colours everywhere, and hands down the best wardrobe choices.

Tag Seven People No thanks.

Unknown Fact? My mother and I do not get along. At all.

Vegetable? Cilantro. Is that a vegetable?

Worst habits? Micro managing everybody.

XRay or Ultrasound? Xray. Broken limbs can be fixed.

Your favorite food? Mongolian. Thai. Indian. In that order.

Zodiac sign? Cancer.

So there you have it, another meme all done. Learned anything new?
And thank you, Sayre, for the award... you know I'm an attention whore, don't ya?
I love awards, recognition and all sorts of bling!


Hammer said...

Thanks for the info! I was wondering what was happening to all my comments lol

tweetey30 said...

Your birthday is sometime in December or early January.. LOL... If I remember right about the zodiac sign.. LOL... I might steal this one from you tomorrow if I have enough energy.

That girl said...

Hammer - ALL your comments?! You mean this has happened before? Oh no...

Tweets - Nope. It's in July. But the kids are in January :-)
If you end up doing this one, tell me, I'll hop by and have a look.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Congrats on the award and great meme!

Sayre said...

Well, I can't bling you, but I can award you!

Thanks for playing along - I actually learned something about you - but I think cilantro is an herb, not a vegetable...

I've heard that Blogger does that from time to time, but I don't think it's ever happened to me (of course NOW it will!).

The Woman said...

yes it does, this is the second blog I have read today where blogger has eaten comments. Mine too, I get emails read the comments yet when I go to my blog they are not there. grrrr

That girl said...

Diva - thanks.

Sayre - An herb! I knew it was too good tasting to be a vegetable...I love the aroma :-) (Hey, by the way, your comment came back but Hammer's is still missing in action, and so is Annie's that she left last night)

The woman - I'm not sure why it's happening, but it sure is annoying!!

Secret Santa is Satan said...

Long time lurked, first time comment. For some reasons I think you were marriaged in July? I think I saw photos of a ship?

Bună ziua

Anonymous said...

just stopped in to wish you great weekend!

That girl said...

SSIS - Welcome. Yeah, a cruise ship in Alaska in September.

Leilani - Hey, that is mighty nice of you :-) Right back at ya!!

Eileen said...

Neat meme. I might try it later.
How do you know when a comment gets 'eaten'? Does someone email you and tell you?
Good new post!
How was the week with 4 kids????

That girl said...

Eileen - the way you know the comments get eaten is because they appear in your email, but not on your blog...

You know how when you set up a blog it asks you for an email address where they send you the comments to? Well, when you get an email that a comment was left, you should, normally be able to see it on the blog as well.

2 days ago I noticed that some comments have appeared in my email but not on my post.

Eileen said...

I had no idea I could get emailed my comments. Who knew???

I posted.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I understand that need for attention! Congrats on the award!

Both of my kids were born in September. Christmas was a loving time around the Mayhem! hee-hee

VV said...

I learned a number of new things. I'm a Cancer too.