Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You want spooky? Read this!

Okay so I am pissed.
I spent about a week and a half thinking of what to do about this blog. As you all know, I went private for 2 weeks to privately mourn when JP left. Since he's come back and we're working things out, I wanted to make the blog un-private again.
Then I saw a website that my lovely ex boyfriend put up about me. So I clammed up and quickly went private again, when I realized this person is STILL keeping such close tabs on me.
I mean, seriously? You still read me? WTH?
I am angry, freaked out and a bit disturbed by this. He has taken posts that i've written in the past, and spun his own interpretation of it on this web page. Never mind that he's taken something out of contest, or that it's not even true.
Those of you who have read me for a while will remember these posts... after each post he claims something.
At first he claims I went private because I wanted to bad mouth my exhusband Richard. As you all know, (since you've read me for 2 years) that is not the case. I went private because this nutbar (still clearly) followed my life on the blog and I was uncomfortable with that.
Then he claimed I lied about our wedding day. No I didn't. As you all remember, I got married in July and our pictures got lost. We re-did our pictures on our Alaskan cruise, which was in September. (Sept. 11 also happens to be the day we met, so we alwasy from the Alaskan cruise on have referred to that as our anniversary)
Third he claims I bad mouthed JP for leaving me (which you ALL KNOW I DIDN'T) and he claims JP left me for a 'not keeping my legs closed'.... dumbass doesn't know what he's talking about.
Lastly, (on a private blog that only a handful of people still read) I revealed that we were expecting. Obviously that wasn't meant to be, since we lost it are no longer pregnant. He pokes fun at that as well and claims I must have lied since the picture on my blog shows me thin.
I have not retalliated, but I have contacted the municipal police department. I had filed a complaint with them before about him, about a year or so ago... so they have that on file. They told me that if I could prove he's lying and they can do something about it, because its slander.
Now I have two lawyers (Dave and Karen) who read this blog... tell me what my options are here, as I'm getting really fed up of turning the other cheek.
And now, after all that, here is the website (I am only showing you because I contacted Blogger and they said if enough people 'flag' his website they can take action against him as well.)
. *and yes, for those of you who remember, this was my original blog about how JP and I met, but I deleted it after this asshole found it... then he goes and re-instates it and writes this crap about me*
You tell me, WHO DOES THAT?!
And what should I do about this? Un-private-ize it so he can see that I'm exposing him? Or just keep staying private?


Jazz said...


The guy is a total nutjob. On the plus side, I'm thinking not many people must read his "blog".

You're right, he has to be flagged.

Fned said...


THIS DEFINETLY SOUNDS LIKE STALKING (it's scary how he's keeping tabs on all the private stuff that's happened in your life in the past years!!!)...

I'd keep my blog private if I were you, at least until the fucker gets tired and looses interested (ok, fat chance that'll happen, but maybe the police can throw his ass in jail before).

Sorry you have to put up with this crap girl, but I'll keep coming to read ur blog, private or no private.

Hang in there,

P.S. On the plus side, I LOVED looking at your wedding pics. It looked so romantic and your dress is GORGEOUS!!!

tweetey30 said...

Yaaa what the Fudge.. That might ass wipe... Yikes.. I remember you telling us about him and then have B coming at you too if I remember correctly... From what I read this blog and e-mailing you, you are the nicest person out there and I have loads of friends via the web...

He is such a dork... Yikes... I agree with Jazz because why would he do this unless to get even with something. I hope Karen can help you here. I have no legal advice.. But its creepy..

Leilani said...

After all this time, he's still tracking you - there is seriously something scary and wrong about the guy. you not have your own life? The relationship is over. If you can't get with it...

So that's his problem.

And yay...i'm glad you're letting us know so we can flag his blog for abusive behaviour.

I'd say keep this blog private. Really, who knows you? Your friends. The people who read him who don't know you and choose to "believe" him....I mean....what kind of people follow someone who's still following his ex GF?

Leilani said...

I flagged it for slander and hate though I don't think the last actually applies....

I suggest you flag it for posting personal information about yourself - he has your email addresses posted and your names as well.

Please please, talk to someone about getting some type of restraining order. This guy is beyond my ability to comprehend.

It is stalking. I agree with Fned. Deprive him of any access to the private stuff. ANd frankly, there's no way to contact him or to email him - on his socalled blog - but I think anyone reading his blog would just call him a Loser.

That girl said...

Yeah, I'm going to see what I can do to put a stop to this, obviously it's pretty scary thinking that after 3 years he still keeps tabs on me.

He is crazy.Thank you for those who flagged it. I think flagging it for slander and hate is probably accurate. I flagged it for privacy as well.

Tori :) said...

WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?! That's scary. Really scary.

Tori :) said...

Email me:

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is just crazy! What happens when you flag him?

I just can't believe it!

I am sorry you have to go through all of this.

Hope things are still going well with you and JP.

That's all you should worry about...forget him!

I will flag his site too....that is just crazy!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to read that you are doing something about this louse. I'm sorry that you have the added stress of him parading around in the background. I've flagged him and hope blogger remove him shortly.

Lani's right, anyone that would happen upon his blog and read it would only see him as a bitter individual. I hope he chokes on his sour grapes.

Fuck him, stay private and let the authorities give him something to blog about. Loser.


Eileen said...

Stay private for now. Your real friends from here will keep reading and will contact you personally if they can't get into the blog (I would never do that..).

Paul is a loser, he always was and will always be one. Paul, the singer who thinks he can sing like the Beatles. I've heard him sing. He can't. I forget his last name, please refresh my memory of Paul's last name.
I assume that if you have gone to the police you have enquired about restraining orders.
Do you ever actually see him, or B, for that matter? Not that you would have to for this to freak you out.
Why don't you post a picture of him so all of us know what he looks like?

I flagged him as well. Twice.

That girl said...

About a year ago I saw him and his new (now exgirlfriend since about 2 weeks ago)girlfriend Barbara outside my house, in a car.

They waited for JP to get home, and then Paul started calling him a 'french fu*k'.

Jp being the level headed guy that he is, went inside the house without talking to him, but was shaking once inside. (that is when I called the police the first time, but honestly, they didn't do much...they talked to him and said he'll leave me alone)

His name is Paul Gibbons. If you google it, you'll see his face everywhere, he's quite convinced that he's the best looking guy on earth.

Ugh. Stupid stupid stupid.

Eileen said...

How do you know that he and his girlfriend broke up 2 weeks ago?

Leilani said...

The best thing to do is leave Gibbons alone. Don't email him or contact him. I believe he is the type of person who gets off on trying to control other people or pushing their buttons. Note that the website doesn't have his name so there' no way to trace it back to him. He doesn't leave comments - so we can't respond to it.

He wants to hurt Michelle - embarrass her, her husband, her family -

But the truth is - nothing he says has any real power.

He's implying or the writer of the blog is implying that she's lied. Personally, I have other things to do with my time than to worry about "small" lies.

Let me be clear. I don't believe that Michelle lied. I'm just saying that for someone to think that the world would care about a small personal matter when there are greater issues politically and socially to deal with - that person is small minded and beyond contempt.

At heart, I think we should pity this person. Pity and ignore.

He would get a huge kick if any of us went over to his blog and left messages. He would think that he got to us.

Yes, we want to defend michelle. We don't like mean behaviour.

I think he's a stalker and I think he could be dangerous. What kind of person waits outside someone's house in the manner that he has?

But regretfully, until he actually does anything, it doesn't appear that the law can do more.

If I did meet him, more than likely I'd say something cutting to him. Or something pointed. But the truth of the matter is that people with this type of insecurity and ego are beyond hearing the truth.

That's the sad thing.

That girl said...

I agree with Leilani. It's not worth really doing anything more about.

If I ever un-block my blog again, I will write an open letter to him. But until I am ready for that - and any retalliation it brings - I will stay private.

Barbara (his ex) wrote me an email a few weeks ago apologizing for her bad behaviour and said that after breaking up with Paul she realized how much unjustified hate he caused her to have towards me and she was sorry.

He however, is obviously still bitter. And now that she left him too, he may be even more so. :-(

Ann(ie) said...

That's total slander. And you're right he has to be flagged. I have a story to tell you...I'm gonna email you. xo.

luckyzmom said...

This dud doesn't deserve the time of day. I totally agree with leilani. Swat him like a fly. I continue to keep you in my bookmarks instead of on my blog list just in case.

Dave said...

I'm not locked out! Last time I came by I was.

Quickly, slander is verbal, libel is written. His blog if untrue and written with malice, defames you, at least down here.

Send me an Email.

Helene said...

Shit, girl... this is serious bad luck. I am ever so sorry about everything I read. Makes me want to hop on the next plane to kick your ex' arse, what a psycho.

And am i reading this right? Did you have a miscarriage? ever so sorry about that, that is so sad :(