Monday, April 7, 2008

You will never believe what I've done... I am shocked at my behavior ... just shocked!!
I went out and bought ... another journal. And have been writing in it...with a pen.
Yes, writing on it with a pen...blaspheme...or blogspheme!
And I have noticed something. My handwriting is horrific, I can't read a damn word I wrote. Well, that isn't entirely true. I can read a it a bit, but I noticed I have this annoying habbit of skipping letters then going back and filling them in badly.
I'm embarrassed by my penmanship, and I didn't realize how badly it's gotten...certainly a case of losing something not used!
Come to think of it, I just realized I haven't written a letter (and mailed it out) in almost a decade. It's always email, text, phone, or msn.
The only time I ever handwrite anymore is on excuse notes for my kids' school. And even then, I ask my kids to write them and I just sign the dotted line.
Just curious, is there anyone left reading this blog, after I've abandoned it for 3 weeks?
Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Just telling it like it is said...

handwritting over-rated...
And yes we are out there...
I always come back for more of your humor...

Sayre said...

Yep - I check in every once in a while... Good to see you back!

My once-beautiful handwriting is pretty hard to read these days. Arthritis in my hands makes it difficult. The fingers can handle the up and down motion of typing, but curling them around a pen or pencil is much harder.

But I used to love journaling with a book and a pen... Totally portable, so you could do it anywhere the muse struck. Not so with a computer.

That girl said...

Just telling - I remember in school, caligraphy was one of our look at me :-(

Sayre - nice to see you too. I love how you described journal writing...whenever the muse struck. That is sort of how I felt these last weeks. Although with a porable laptop, it's quite similar.

By the way, do you take medicine for your arthritis? My dad does, and he says the pain is easier to live with now. Just wondering.

Dave said...

Only three weeks? I should have known you were back when I got the comments.

As to penmanship, you are absolutely right. I write, with a pen, on paper on three occassions. I sign my name, I write names and phone numbers and what I do each day on a yellow pad and later transfer it to a billing program. As to the latter, I've noticed that it is mostly a scribble. My brain is less connected to the pen and the paper than it was awhile back.

Sayre said...

No - no medication. I massage my hands and stretch a lot. There are foods I avoid because it seems to make it worse, and the medication induced soreness is alleviated somewhat with CoQ10 supplements. When things are really bad, I take some ibuprophen, but mostly, I try not to medicate - I already medicate so much for all my other problems!

Eileen said...

Maybe your kids can teach you how to print or write in cursive.
Just a thought.

My writing sucks as well. I don't write that much and when I do my hand cramps up within 30 seconds.
One of my collegues' writing is horrible. I can never read her stuff and I always bug her about it.
I remember when I got married I caligraphied (if that's a word) 150 invitation adresses. I was stupid back then.
Journalling: I sometimes get the urge. A lot of AA's journal, I have some journals that I bought with the hopes that I'd get into it, but I never did.
I'm sure you'll use it for a couple of weeks, then it will be stuck in a drawer until you next move.
Good luck with it, though!

That girl said...

Dave - I wonder if my brain is less connected to the paper, or if it's just wise enough to know that I really prefer my laptop. You know how Paris Hilton carries her little chihuahua (sp?) around...that's what I do with my laptop. It goes everywhere with me, it's quite disturbing.

Sayre - Interesting how different foods would alter the feeling. I guess when you are bothered by something, you take notice of these things... I'm not much of a pill popper either. (Which is why I only need one tylenol for my headache to go away, I know lots of my friends take 2 or 3at a time)

Eileen - Yeah, you're probably right about the journaling. It's in my sock drawer right now..although it was nice, the idea of it was nice.

Blogging feels a different need though. It's not as much journaling -the day to day stuff- as it is chatting with friends.

Laura said...

Still here reading!! You didn't seriously think you could shake us just by using a handwritten journal instead of your blog did ya?

Hey I sent you an email but don't know if I got the right email address - my going away party is this Saturday if you and JP are free and want to join! Email me if you can make it and I'll send you the details... laurashannonsmart at hotmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs a blogging break from time to time. I've been on again all winter. So much depends on moods and what is happening outside of the cyber world. I check in sometimes and sometimes I write a post. Lazy or what?

Anyhow...glad to see you back and I hope to be around more often now that spring is in the air.

Have you started the new job yet?
I was so glad to see that you got it.

Thanks for stopping by my spot in cyber.


That girl said...

Laura - I DID get your email, I was waiting to repy because I'm looking for a babysitter...JP's outta town this weekend, and I've got no one to stay with the kids, but I totally want to come to your farewell I'll keep trying :-)

Jolie - yup...a break now and then feels nice. Good to see you guys haven't all forgotten me LOL

Ann(ie) said...

I'm here....never ever leavin ya, girlie....

luckyzmom said...

You went somewhere;~? Ditto.

I love smooth and creamy paper, mostly with lines; and pens, especially of the fountain type, with inks of many colors, peacock blue being my current color choice. I can also appreciate a really good gel or felt tip pen. I even enjoy pencils. Oh, yes, and I love to write. My penmanship is sometimes sloppy though. I have also done calligraphy for which I was paid.

VV said...

My handwriting has always looked like a doctor's, no penmanship classes or efforts to master calligraphy have helped in the slightest. *sigh* Oh, and people will still check in, even if you're absent for quite a stretch, right? :-) Glad I was missed.

Laura said...

Oh good - do let me know if you can come :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I just dropped back in to see if you were still ALIVE! Glad to see you back! I missed you!

VV said...

I'm here! A little late, but nonetheless. I'm just now getting around to checking out my favorite bloggers. Welcome back!