Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is a recycled post from at least a year ago, on my last blog. There are only a handful of you who'll recognize it and I do think it's worth re-posting. I'll probably do that with some of my favorite old posts, in the whole 'recycling' spirit.
You all know what an “A-List” is, right? It’s a list of names of celebrities or otherwise un-attainable people that you can, um, do the hanky-panky with, without your significant other getting mad at you.Jp and I talked about this and he thinks it’s a juvenile idea. So, he doesn’t have a list. Oh well. Too bad for him. No list - no sleeping with some hot celebrity! Can’t be cheating on me without a list, I say.Meanwhile, here’s my list of top 5:

1. Jude Law

2. Matthew Mcconaughey

3. Orlando Bloom

4. Josh Lucas

5. Ryan Gosling

Who’s on your list?


Ann(ie) said...

I love your taste in men, girlie. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my faves and I also love me a hot cowboy.

Our man Matthew is gonna be a daddy. *snif* But, man oh man will that child be gorgeous!!!!!

Eileen said...

One thing to say...
I feel old looking at your list.

Eileen said...

I used to have an 'A' list. So did Scott. I told him that if 'X' came up to the door and said 'Scott, take me now' I would allow it, that it would be totally fine with me.
Hey, I wonder if THAT's what happened to our marriage???
Now I don't get to see enough tv or movies that are for grown-ups, so it would be very hard to have a list. I watch a lot of Family station with the girls. Thinking of an 'A' list from that is just gross.

That girl said...

Annie - Say WHAT? Dreamboat Matthew gonna be a daddy? Hello cutest baby EVA!

Eileen - You are pretty much the same age as what are you trying to say?

VV said...

I see a definite pattern in your list of men, they actually have a lot of physical similarities.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Matt Dillon.....YUM!

Josh Duhamel......YUMMY!

The dancer from DWTS.....can't remember his name...but he is my "dancing boyfriend" it wouldn't really count as cheating anyway! :)

Jake Gyllenhal......SUPER YUM!
Why can't I quit you? hee-hee

That girl said...

VV - They are all hot in their own right, but where the sexyness comes from is the smile. I am a sucker for a killer smile.

Queen -I know the guy you mean from DWTS! The one who won, right? Oh yeah, he was a dreamboat!!

tweetey30 said...

I didnt think about that when I started reading. LOL.. Drooling over the guys you have here though.. No not really. I am happy with Jeff. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

tweetey30 said...
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Sayre said...

Sam Elliot, George Clooney - I would have said Heath Ledger but having him on my list now would be downright creepy... Antonio Banderas. I guess I go for Tall Dark and Handsome!

La Cremiere said...

Nice choice. I agree with VV, we can tell your type of men, they have the same style and look. I wouldn't have thought of Ryan Gosling but he is the hottest on the list. I might make this my next assignment.

Scarlett said...

Wow, we have almost identical taste in men...My hubby would flip if I made an would make him feel less than the sexiest man in the world I have named him...;-)