Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just the way things are

***I will preface this post by adding that nothing went wrong in my personal life, and that I am totally in love with my husband. I'm not even pissed off, really.
It's just an observation in general***
Most women are bitches. Me included. The reason I can admit that is because I believe society requires us to be this way. I think in order to be a carreer woman nowadays, you sometimes have to be comfortable with being labeled a bitch.
"Nice" women don't wear suits. They bake cookies.
We are taught very early on to be nice. To share. To not tattle tale. And above all, to play well with others. While our mothers were molding us into "nice" girls, our brothers were dirty, rough-playing little shits who got away with most things.
Our mothers meant well, but it does not do us justice in the real world. A women needs to be strong and kind, both at once. Gentle and firm. Only then, will you not get trampled on by men.
And speaking of men, (and I do like to speak of men often) I am often perplexed by them. They work hard to woo an independant woman. Maybe harder than they should. They make it their goal to "break through" some make believe barrier to be the one successful suitor in her life.
And finally, when the woman falls in love with him and willingly gives up all others for him, then...
He becomes an ass.


Ann(ie) said...

First of all I agree 100% with number one. Tis true. And every time I come to your blog it looks better and better....I'm digging the template!!! Happy NY my friend!

luckyzmom said...

Why hasn't it changed? My brother, who is older, was always the star, no matter how he behaved. It is a little different with my daughter (her husband is very helpful with the house and kids). And I hope it will be even better for my granddaughter.

Happy 2008!)

Laura said...

Happy New Year to you too :)

That girl said...

Annie - i am glad you agree. At first I thought people would think I was pms-ing, but I was just thinking in general, about how we teach our girls to be one way, in order to be 'nice'. This post was more a reflection of me than anything else. Glad you like the new template ;-) I was just messing around, and fell in love with the stiletto, hehe.

Luckyzmom - I'm happy to hear about your daughter's husband. He sounds like a gem. Mine is quite good about things like that too. But in general, I still think, we as women, have a long way to go.

tweetey30 said...

I hope this man you are talking about hasnt become an ass after marrying such a nice person.. And I have been told that even with me being a stay at home mom i am a royal bitch...

Diesel said...

I don't think most women are bitches. They do tend to be more catty than men, but in general I prefer the company of women. Men are dorks.

Happy New Year!

Eileen said...

I'm glad you did the 'preface'.
I totally agree with you. I teach my girls to be 'good', to 'share', blahblahblah.
I laugh to myself at some of the men I know who think that their job is WAY more important than their wife's job. Like it's an option for the woman. My neighbour is exactly like that. When a kids gets sick, who stays home from work??? The mother. Almost every time.
That is (another) advantage of being a single parent. My job is most important. It's all about ME. Actually, I'm just thinking about it...Scott has made comments about his job and how he has to work to support his kids. Yah, like the $450/month he HAS to pay me is back-breaking. Really, who gives a crap about his job?
Oh, I digress from the original post. Oh well.
You're right.
As usual.
You're the woman, of course you're right.

jolie-jordan said...

My job always came second since my husband always made about the same money per week as I made per month so if one of us took a back seat it was me. Just made economical since. Let's face it money is power and men make the money..thus women take a bow.

Women in the work place (in my experience) are way more ruthless then are men. men don't fear losing their power to women so they are generally kinder and more fair.

If women are teaching their daughters to be "nice" they are doing a bad job. Just go into any school and you will witness some vile behavior. If our leaders would send women in to war...the wars would be won fast. The big boys could stay home and burn the chicken while the women cleaned clocks.

Mostly it is the morals one is raised with more then the sex that they are that dictates how they live and treat other people. I tried to teach my children (all of them) that they could do and have whatever they wanted so long as they didn't walk all over others to do or get it.

It really is important to like who you see in the mirror.

I try to be strong and kind. I did find that kindness is not well recieved in office politics which is why I left the rat race. I'm not a rat. I won't eat my own kind.
Life is too short to live it in constant battle.

Dave said...

If a vote is allowed, add the stilleto to the previous template. Best of both worlds.

That girl said...

Tweets - Nothing is wrong on my home front!! LOL, that is exactly why I put that disclaimer at the beginning. Nah, I was just thinking about office work and women in general.

Diesel - Most guys would probably tend to agree with you. Women only tend to be catty with each other, not so much with men.

Eileen - You are right also. Mom's the one that stays home when the kids are sick. Even though I am at work, in a meeting for example, I drop everything if the school calls to tell me they're not feeling well. Richard would just ignore the call until 'an appropriate' time for him to be able to answer. Funny that.

That girl said...

Jolie - I liked your comment a lot. Very very well put. "i don't eat my own kind." I think the office world is a lot like that nowadays. At least when you are climbing the corporate ladder. It seems like there's always someone willing to step all over you to get ahead.

Dave - Hehe...food for thought. I certainly want you to enjoy the template, I changed the colour cause JP said it reminded him of poop.??? Go figure. I'll see what we can come up with :-)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

That's odd. I know I left a comment for this yesterday, but it's not here. Hmmm, cyberspace eating my words again, I suppose.

TD said...

Ohh I so agree!!!

That girl said...

Vancouver - Weird. Didn't see your last comment. I wonder where it is now?
(thanks for coming back and leaving another though)

TD - Glad to see you again! And I agree with you about the babysitter thing.

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

OH - you put that so perfectly!

Luckily for the assholes, they may redeem themselves with the gift of large diamonds!