Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Money


I passed my 3 month probation at my new job a few weeks ago, and to my *pleasant* surprise, I got a very nice raise. Of course, I am excited about it and JP and I are now trying to work out our finances and monthly budget with the new amount.
Well, today I got my very first cheque with the new amount. It was considerably higher than I'd expected. I called him at work, we both laughed and cheered.
At home, again we talked about how much difference this raise has made. Then my smart husband says "I'm sure it's a mistake, that is too much"... so we work it out on paper.
And it IS a mistake!
It's exactly double than what I'm supposed to get. You see, our accountant resigned the same day I got the raise. Before she left, she ammended my pay to reflect my raise that I got. The next day the new accountant started at our company. She was asked to make sure the raise got included in my pay.
(I am only guessing the next part, but I'm pretty sure this is what happened)

She also added the raise to my (already elevated) salary.
So now, both of them have added this and I'm stuck with the extra money. The problem is that now that I think I've figured it out I don't know if I can keep it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't.
Karma and all....
ARGGG....Why'd Jp have to go and notice this?

At least before I could claim ignorance.
So, do I tell or keep the money?

UPDATE: i did tell. I went to the accountant first thing the next morning and showed her my stub.


Eileen said...

Without thinking twice about it, march into your boss' office with your pay stub and tell him/her.
You KNOW they will find out. Do you want to keep this job? Tell them. They will respect you and hold you in a higher regard because you told them the truth. 'Found' money like that is not yours to keep because they will find out and then who knows what will happen? Obviously, you're not an idiot and they know that (otherwise why would you get a raise in the first place??).
'Karma' is right. Who knows, maybe your boss will say 'thanks, M, you're so honest, you can keep that extra money'. Doubtful, but be honest and it will come back to you in other ways.

That girl said...

Eileen - Who asked ya anyway?!

Yeah, I know you are completly right. Dammit. It is sooo nice having it.

tweetey30 said...

Tell them and you never know they may let you keep it for telling them about. Its always worth the try. Being honest is the best part of being the adult.. LOL.. Only picking on you a bit. Ahh I see I wasnt the only one thinking about letting you keep it..

Eileen said...

I know I'm right. I'm always right.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You HAVE to tell! The guilt will eat you alive if you don't....AND if they catch could be in a lot of trouble!

MAN....I HATE when I have to act like a grown up!

OneFullHouse said...

SO - I went and told them! I went to the accountant directly who then double checked the math. She came back to tell me "all seems to be in order"!!!

Now what?

That girl said...

oops- i signed in with the wrong account up above.

Tammi said...

Coming at cha' from Lisa's blog.she's been my blogger bud for a I decided to go down her fave list and see what interesting peeps she's got.
So here I am :-}
Congrats on the raise.I see what you mean about Karma and all...but hun,I think I'd prolly cash it and write it off as you deserve that humongous
Then could upset your company,knowing that YOU much for my help,huh?
Anyways...glad to find another down to earth blogger.
Be back soon.
Take Care,

ablondeblogger said...

I'd tell. You're like me and it would just eat at your conscience so you're better off saying something. Wow that sucks!

Fned said...

Wait a sec... this I get this correctly? You went to see the accountant and she confirmed that the (double) raise is correct? If so.... WHAOUUUUUUUUUU!! Congrats girl! GO OUT AND DO SOME SERIOUS SHOPPING TO CELEBRATE AND DON'T BEAT YOURSELF ANYMORE ABOUT IT

If not.... ehm... at least they know they have a very honest employee and you'll probably get a hefty bonus at the end of the year just to proove how much they appreciate your honesty. Besides, think of it as money that WONT be going into your tax filing this year! ;)


That girl said...

Blonde/Fned - I DID tell, and still she said to keep it, because it's correct....sigh.

Tammi said...

Spend ot NOT spend?
WHAT?Your not at the mall yet?
Matter of fact:I'll meet cha' there!
hee hee

Tammi said...

Oh,almost forgot.
Hope you don't mind...I added you to my faves list.
Have a great day.......spending that $$ of

Ann(ie) said...

I hope you're buying shoes as we speak, girlie!!!!!!!

Eileen said...

Okay,you did the right thing and told them. They came back and said that they did not make a mistake and you actually did get a double raise. You did your part, you have nothing to feel guilty about.
If they come back in the future about it, you can honestly say that you were told it was correct and you spent accordingly.
You can sleep tonight knowing you have done the right thing, and you can even spend it, too. See, Karma!

That girl said...

Purses. Lots and lots of purses. And for good measure, just a couple of pairs of shoes...teeheee.

VV said...

I agree 100% with Eileen's first comment about going directly to your boss. If you don't, and you spend it and they come back and say it was a mistake and you have to pay it back, well, that would suck too much.

Fned said...

Comment on the update: TRUE!!!!!!


luckyzmom said...

Well, I agree that you should tell your boss. I don't think there is anything wrong with cashing the check and setting aside the amount you think is incorrect, until then, though.

Hooray for the raise!!!

Queen of the Mayhem said... told her...she checked....she said it's are OFFICIALLY off the hook! Enjoy your raise!

Anonymous said...

You brought it to their attention so you did the right thing. I'd simply cash the check...put the amount you think is a mistake in an account to save and wait for the next check to see if there is a difference. If not I'd say hey...great raise. If the difference is there then it is time to meet with management.

If it is a mistake you'd need to pay it back and you wouldn't seem very honest to management. Long run your reputation is worth more then some money.

I know...damn. (S)

How do you like the new job? Is it the one that was so much closer to home?