Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was in the bathroom bathing my son when the phone rang. I reached over to see who it was on the call display, but I missed it.
So, I chose not to answer. I hate not knowing who is calling ahead of time. I'm one of those people who will screen my calls.
Later in the evening, after the kids are both in bed, I decide to call the mystery number back.
I try not to feel like an idiot when I say:
"Uh, I think someone called me from this number".
A man's voice answers back in a very thick accent, appologizing for dialing the wrong number.
He excuses himself again for misdialing, and just as I'm about to hang up after saying goodbye, I hear the stranger on the other line say "Bye Michelle".
It takes me about a minute to go "HUH?" to myself but I don't dare call back the creepy man with the accent and ask how he knows my name.


Awesome Mom said...

Wierd! When we had caller ID and a person did not leave a message I would ignore it. If it was really important they would have left a message. I am kinda sad that prank calling has been ruined by caller ID. I had such fun with it when I was a teenager.

VV said...

Maybe when you called back he saw your name on the caller id???

Lisa said...

Ooo, bit spooky. Perhaps he rang long enough to get to your voicemail and you say your name on your voicemail message? Is that how he knew your name? DO you say your name on your voicemail? Do you even have voicemail? Lots of questions, forgive me, it's early in the morning here lol.

That girl said...

Awesome Mom - ah, I remember the days I used to call people during the night as well. What rotten teenagers we were lol.

VV - Nope. It's a private number so it wouldn't show up.

Lisa - I'm really guessing that had to be it. I say my first and last name on my voicemail (I use my cellphone for some work stuff so I have a pretty formal message)

Although, if I call some random number, I honestly don't remember the person's name an hour later. Yikes.

Eileen said...

I was going to say that he must have heard it on your voicemail as well. You do have your name on it, so there you go. I have the kids on my voice mail and I have people (mostly my mother) tell me that I shouldn't do that, especially with names, because a psycho will know our names and address from that. My comment on that: I already know our names and address (haha, I'm the psycho).
Another thing..some people are great with names. I'm not one of them. You tell me your name and I can see it coming out the other side of my brain, lost forever.
Last thing...Is he cute and rich??? Perhaps there could be something there. I think you should look up his number and find out all about him. Find out where he lives and go check out the house. Then you can decide if you want to let it drop or not.

Eileen said...

I know I'm freaky and psycho. You don't have to write it.

That girl said...

Eilleen - did you just suggest that I investigate whether the accent dude was 'cute and rich'?! LOL.

Okay, let me just play this out for a minute...say I stalk him and find out he's cute and rich, then what?

I leave frenchie? NAAAAHHHh... the accent weirdo can just remain anonymous as far as I am concerned.

Your comment totally cracked me up. You ARE silly sometimes :-)

That girl said...

And I already know you were kidding - I was joking too.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh my...THAT is scary!

VV said...

"Nope. It's a private number so it wouldn't show up." Okay, that's both creepy and scary.

luckyzmom said...

Do do doo do.... Freaky....

Anonymous said...



I suppose maybe caller id.