Friday, June 27, 2008

I must speak more slowly...

(This is a recycled post from my old blog.)

This post is all about my old job. Mostly actually, it's just about me venting about stupid people.

My title at my last job was "Dealer's Sales Liaison" which is fancy schmancy and doesn't mean anything - but I liked it anyway.

I liked my job exept on days like like this one.

It was crazy busy and everyone was pulling out their hair. (A common occurance on the last day of the month as we struggled to collect our outstanding accounts receivables.)
Patience is highly over rated on a day like that. One of our computers crashed (hmmm...come to think about it, maybe it was me - I'm awfully bad with technology) so I was trying to call the Geek Squad (actual company name).

It went something like this:

Me: I don’t know why I got the dispatch department. I need tech support. Could you transfer me please?

Replicant: I see here that you have a parts order being processed. Do you need the status of your shipment?

Me: No. I need support. Could you please transfer me to technical support?

R: Okay. But before I transfer you, what’s the problem?

M: Well, my computer died this morning. It needs a new motherboard which is the new part that you see a dispatch order for. However, I need to ask a technician about recovering some data.

R: Well, I cannot help you with that

M: (Well, no kidding!) Yes, I kind of imagined that. Hence, why I’m asking you transfer me to tech support

R: Okay, since you have a technical question and I cannot help you with that, I’m going to have to transfer you to the technical support department who’ll be able to help you with your technical question. Long pause...

M: Yes???

R: So right now I’m going to be transferring you to the technical support department so they can help you with the troubleshooting you need. Okay?

M: (Yawn) I thought we had established that already

R: Okay! So I’m going to have to put you on hold so I can get a technician on the line.

M: Sure. Do you think we can skip to the part where you actually transfer me to tech support?

R: Sure. Can I get your permission to put you on hold so I can transfer you to the tech support department?

M: (In tears of desperation and hope) Do I have a choice? Bloody do it already!

I never knew my patience could be squeezed like a shammy for an entire 20 minutes.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh.My.Gosh!!! I don't think I would've stayed as patient as you did in this situation! Some people...sheesh!

CrAzY Working Mom

Ann(ie) said...

I would have had to say:
Transfer me NOW fortheloveofgod or I will hunt you down and beat your pokey ass. ug.

LOVE me some happy bunny!!!!!! ;)

That girl said...

Crazy working mom - Well, at least I got paid by the hour back

Annie - "Beat your pokey ass"...does that sound scary in Seattle? Hmmmm. Maybe if I add the "ug" at the end it will! :-)

ablondeblogger said...

ROFL!!! Oh that would annoy the crap out of me!! Did you ever get to tech support?

tweetey30 said...

Hey there. I wouldnt have stayed as calm either.I have to move my e-mail address and figure out how to delete my hotmail account.I have my new e-mail in my profile. Sorry for those e-mails. I will come back later and transfer some of the e-mails to my new account.

That girl said...

Blonde - eventually, I got transferred. I hate having to go through all that nonsense though.

Tweets - let me know what's going on with your email, once you find out, okay?

Lisa said...

Bugger that, that conversation would've driven me nutty with frustration. I'd have likely gone all haughty and demanding lol

And regarding the extra dosh on the post below: I don't think you could've done much more than let them know. Like JP said, that was your did it, it's now theirs' to sort their shit out.

Just my opinion of course.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

These kind of people make me CRAZY.....certifiable homicide...I say!

You've earned another star in your halo for not losing your cool!

That girl said...

Lisa - me nuts too.

Queen - It's certifiable?! Is that the same as justifiable?! I'm so totally gonna keep that in mind for next time :-)

VV said...

I've actually had conversations like this with companies before. It's like they have a script they have to follow and there's no room for real conversation. I could see me screaming into the phone "JUST TRANSFER ME ALREADY!!"

luckyzmom said...

I have frequently had this kind of conversation and I wanted to say, "Knock, knock, is anybody home.