Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Most of you know by now that my frenchie is a pretty awesome photographer.
He is much more shy and modest than me, so he never boasts about his skill - but this time I thought I should.
I am so excited to tell you that he'll be participating in an Art Exhibition soon! I'm proud of him for being part of it, especially since it's an exhibition entirely and totally about him as an artist and they'll have only his work on display.
Today we had to pick a handful of photos out of thousands that he has, to be displayed at this art show. He'll be displaying about 15 - 20 pieces.
Wanna see some of the ones we picked?
(they're local photos, and fairly recent, which was part of their request)







Cool right?
Too bad you don't live closer, I'd so invite you to come!
You know you totally want the free champagne :-)


Eileen said...

That is SO amazing!
Where is the exhibit?
Of course, if I was snap some photos of 'local' stuff, it would include mountains. Perhaps that is the reason why JP's photos are going to be exhibited and mine are not.
Great stuff, JP.

Anonymous said...


These are simply wonderful. Great Job JP. I especially love the one of the man/person walking in the fog. So surrealistic and mythical...but then again there is the iced branch and the wild cat and the red boots...and, and...

Okay, dammit I love them all. Good thing I'm not the judge looking for the best in show, eh? Instead of looking for standards such as focus, contrast, composition and subject I'd be going by what my eye liked or what grabbed my gut.

Sort of like buying a car because it's red and cute and fast and I'd look dammed good in it. (LOL)

Still, I do know what I like and I like these. Much luck on the show. I'm sure it will go well. I'm sure his hetergeneous, eclectic choices of the local flavor is sure to win him many accolades. And then one must allow for the innocence of the beauty these photos portray.

Nummie...chilled champagne.

Thanks for sharing these Michelle.

Hugs xxxJolie

That girl said...

Eileen - I will email you the whereabouts instead of posting it here.

Yes you're right - I said the same thing 'mountains' -- but he pointed out 'anyone' can do mountains, and so he chose more eclectic pieces. (He does have a ton of mountain shots too...after all, we're in BC right?)

Jolie - You are so sweet. I love the man in the fog too! He looks so lonely to me in that picture, I guess because of the fog. The iced branch is my second favorite... I'll let you know how it went, for now, we have to bite the bullet and pay for all these to get enlarged, and framed, ready for the expo. Ouch, right? LOL.

tweetey30 said...

Its beautiful. Congrats to JP.... Hope it goes well.

Hammer said...

Those are really cool!

Ann(ie) said...

wooooooooooooow! Those kick some arse!! Nicely done JP!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow!!!! Great photos! Frenchie is very talented.

That girl said...

Thanks guys, I know he'll love to read your comments. I think his pictures are beautiful too.

Fned said...

WOW! Congrats to your man! His pics are awesome! Hubby is also a photographer (mostly out of hobby)... I used to fret and whine and stamp my foot when we'd be on vacations and he'd spend what seemed to me to be HOURS taking THE perfect picture, waiting for THE perfect light, switching to THE perfect lense, selecting THE perfect moment to take the shot... it used to drive me crazy.

But then I started to appreciate the amazing pictures that he took. The great colors he captured, the pretty sights I had not noticed, the details I overlooked...

Good photographers always seem to capture that little something we usually overlook and that makes the entire thing mind blowing, don't you think? Like Frenchie's pic of the frozen tree branch or the cactus' thorns... things we might pass by and never notice...

Congrats on the exhibition... looking forward to hearing all about it.


kristi said...

Fantastic photos!

Tammi said...

Heck yea,I have to be honest,as sick as I am right now,I'd be drinking my champagne and yours too.
Well...maybe not...nothing is settling too well.Isn't that a real gunshot in the foot?
Roll a car,and feel fine,only to go nuts with pain over a kidney stone?
Oh,anyways,he's absolutely talented.I'm so into photo's and art...especially scrapbooking,it would be nice to have a friend with that kind of talent!!

La Cremiere said...

Invite me, I'll come. Okay, I'm rubbish, I won't, but this looks really good, I love the cactus, the dew, the red boots and the cougar (it was a cougar right?) and the old man in the mist. Your Frenchie is very talented, you should be proud. Hope you're doing well, been too hectic here for me lately, but things started to improve so no more excuses... for now anyway. 'later.

That girl said...

Fned - I totally know what you mean. We were at dinner at a restaurant the other night and we had to hurry at the end, because 'the light was changing' and he wanted to take pictures. LOL.

Kristi - thanks and welcome :-)

Tammi - Oh you poor thing! I am so sorry to hear that about the kidney stones...oh dear. Especially after all you've been through. My mom gets kidney stones and I see how painful it is for her.

Cremiere - how nice it is to see you again, you've been away too! I missed you :-)

Sayre said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the lynx sitting so calmly...

Those red boots - would they be yours?

I would so come have some champagne at JP's exhibit if gas weren't so exhorbitant!!!! And you weren't, what, thousands of miles away.

Pendullum said...

So cool....
Bloody stunning!!!
Indeed, I do wish I lived closer!

Jazz said...

Wow, that's a talented Frenchie you got there!

Bravo son qu├ębecois!

HamiHarri said...

Awesome! Particularly the shot of the wild cat (I'm sure it is something more specific than that)!

VV said...

Nice shots! I'd come even without the champagne.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

How did I miss this post?

HELL YEAH...I want the champagne!

Congrats to the Frenchie! :)

luckyzmom said...

I don't like champagne, but I do love art. These images draw you in and hold you in their magic. Beautiful! Your Frenchie is incredibly talented. Thanks for the private viewing.

Laura said...

Wow Michelle he is so skilled. Has the exhibition finished already? If not I would LOVE to come and see it, please email me to let me know about it if it's not too late!