Monday, July 21, 2008

Couldn't think of 6, so you get 100.

We're going away for the weekend to a golf
and spa resort, where we plan on enjoying both equally. We'll be back on sunday night. (Yes, it's a birthday re-do for me)

I was tagged again, by V.V. Dancing Madrona this time, to write 6 things about myself.

Instead of thinking up new 6 things, I'm re-posting an old post with 100 things about myself:
(hopefully that still counts, eh K?)

1. I was born in Transylvania.
2. I lived there until my teenage years.
3. I legally changed my first name at 25.
4. I also added a middle name just for fun at the same time.
5. My astrological sign is Cancer.
6. English is my 3rd language.
7. I also speak a 4th.
8. I don't have a birth certificate.
9. I have been married. And divorced. Twice.
10. I always wanted to have blue eyes.
11. My favorite movie is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".
12. I broke both my arms twice. Not at the same time.
13. I read by candle light while I was young, and have bad eyes because of it.
14. I don't like to eat red meat. Or pork.
15. I became a parent by accident.
16. My grandfather was a gypsy.
17. My blood type is 0 negative.
18. I don't like public pools.
19.I required stitches after my left foot got accidentally hit with an axe by my friend.
20. I prefer pickles to cookies.
21. While visiting a foreign country I decided to live there, and simply stayed. For 4 years.
22. I weigh the same now as I did in high school.
23. I prefer white gold to gold.
24. I ate my first banana at age 13.
25. My husband is my best friend.
26. My best girl friend forgot I existed the moment she met her current boyfriend, that was last year...
27. I have a good memory. When I was younger I could remember all the numbers on a telephone book page. I don't think that was useful information.
28. In school I got bugged for getting good grades.
29. My shoe size is 7.
30. I am an only child.
31. I want to live in South America.
32. I don't sew. Not even a button.
33. When I was 16 my French teacher said I'd never amount to anything.
34. I became an accountant and last year, the same teacher asked me to do her taxes. I said no.
35. My first kiss was in grade 8.
36. I once accidentally killed a bird by running it over.
37. I am outspoken and am often perceived as abrupt or insensitive.
38. I get nightmares when I am upset.
39. I never had to wear braces.
40. I have recently switched jobs.
41. I love paint-by-numbers projects.
42. Between JP and me, we have 4 children.
43. 3 out of the 4 are affected by autism.
44. I don't like snow.
45. I'm afraid of flying. And bears. Equally.
46. I have been "the other woman".
47. Past lives fascinate me.
48. I am a cat person.
49. When I was pregnant I was in a car accident.
50. I have scoliosis because of it.
51. My exboyfriend is my only regret.
52. I own more than one wig.
53. I don't understand computers.
54. My cousin and I recently found out we're in fact not related at all.
55. I had a job once that was only based on commission. It was one of my favorites.
56. I don't own an ipod. Or an mp3 player.
57. I only listen to Country Music.
58. I don't care if people make fun of it.
59. I have no traditions that I can remember.
60. I drive 60 minutes to eat at my favorite restaurant.
61. I am an auditory learner.
62. In university I taped my lectures and listened to them in my car.
63. When I was young I thought I'd be an astronaut.
64. Looking at a rollercoaster gets me motion sick.
65. My Christmas decorations come down on Boxing Day.
66. I read all my junk mail.
67. I don't camp. Ever.
68.When I was a kid, I almost got bit by a snake.
69. I woke up once to find a cockroach on my face in Mexico.
70. I drove on the autobahn in Germany at 16.
71. I (used to) take 4 sugars in my coffee. Now I'm down to 2.
72. I re-decorate and re-paint my bedroom on a regular basis.
73. My friends are mostly male. (actually this is no longer true)
74. I recently had a hernia that needed to be operated on.
75. Both my kids were colicky as infants.
76. I always wanted to have an easy last name. Never happened.
77. I can not catch a ball that is thrown at me.
78. I am over sensitive to criticism.
79. I have a tattoo.
80. After that I discovered I am allergic to tattoo ink.
81. I only drink one or two cups of water a day.
82. The first thing I notice about people is their eyebrows.
83. I am slightly claustrophobic.
84. My favorite book is still "1984".
85. When I was in high school my best friend and I made up our own secret language. It included symbols and characters. I still remember it.
86. I rarely chew gum. It reminds me of cows.
87. I had a paper route when I was a kid.
88. I've never had chicken pox.
89. I prefer the toilet paper to roll off the top.
90. I almost ate turtle once, but couldn't go through with it.
91. I like to smell things. All things. I do it subconsciously and it annoys people.
92. I can't fall asleep if music is on.
93. I like traditional man/woman roles.
94. When brushing my teeth, I like to sit on my bathroom counter.
95. I don't like when teachers go on strike.
96. I used to eat pizza with just green olives on it. Yum.
97. I cut my tomatoes is wedges not slices.
98. I pay my bills as soon as I get them in the mail.
99. As a child I used to pick up frogs and kiss them to see if they’d turn into princes.
100. I take great pleasure in refilling things, like salt shakers and liquid soap dispensers.


Diesel said...

You're way more interesting than me. Better looking too.

Leilani said...

I like these posts. They are fun and interesting.

Bryna said...

11. My favorite movie is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" – We used to watch this one at my church all the time!
13. I read by candle light while I was young, and have bad eyes because of it. I don’t think that really makes your eyesight bad. Does it?
33. When I was 16 my French teacher said I'd never amount to anything.
34. I became an accountant and last year, the same teacher asked me to do her taxes. I said no.
HA! I love it!!!
76. I always wanted to have an easy last name. Never happened. I went from Messmer (not too hard) to Scoccimarro (WHAT?!?!) Now, I don’t have an easy first, or last name!
91. I like to smell things. All things. I do it subconsciously and it annoys people. I like texture… I touch things… all the time. Drives my husband nuts. J
92. I can't fall asleep if music is on. ME TOO! I always want to sing along.

ablondeblogger said...

I love/hate that you weigh the same as you did in high school. :) Then again, I was severely underweight in high school so I'm probably much healthier now.

Lisa said...

I love reading these 100 things about me things...and this is the 3rd time I've read yours. although I can see that some of it has changed since the first time I read it! It's always good to get some revision about your mates though eh? lol

(I like traditional man/woman roles too, unless the man gets obviously chauvinistic about them...then I ride rough-shod straight over him, or try to anyway lol)

That girl said...

Diesel - Not as funny though :-) Not many people are...

Leilani - thanks. By the way, I hate that whenever I try to follow your link to your blog, it tells me it's private. (but if i type it into my browser, it lets me...arggg)

Bryna - I love your name by the way!! The eyesight DOES make a difference, because I put strain on my eyes for many years in Romania, reading and writing and it apparantly weakend my eye muscle...because of that I have to wear glasses. (at least that's what my optometrist told me, lol)

Blonde - Just so we get this straight... I may weigh the same as I did in highschool, but everything's shifted, so I don't look nearly the same as I did then. (hope you catch my drift)

Lisa - I was dreading putting this post up because a handful of people (you, Eileen, etc...) have already read it. Sorry, it was a tag and I'm too lazy to re-do them, lol. But you're right, some things have changed :-)

VV said...

This was way better than 6. For me what stood out were:

5. I'm a Cancer too.
22. Can you just feel how many people hate you for that ?>>>"I weigh the same now as I did in high school."
47. "Past lives fascinate me." Oooh, me too. I've actually been hypnotized repeatedly for a number of months to get my "stories" recorded by a researcher.
54. "My cousin and I recently found out we're in fact not related at all." My best friend and I found out a number of years ago that we were actually cousins.
76. "I always wanted to have an easy last name. Never happened." Me too. I got one, but could only survive 7 years being married to an abusive guy. Once I got divorced, I took back the complicated name greatfully.
82. "The first thing I notice about people is their eyebrows." Why is that? Most of mine have fallen out, yet my thyroid problem isn't bad enough to treat. Go figure!
91. "I like to smell things. All things. I do it subconsciously and it annoys people." Me too. I have a very acute sense of smell and can usually smell things long before other people do. I think I should work for a perfume company or winery.

Hammer said...

Cool 100!

All of my good friends forgot I existed after they started getting regular action. I guess they weren't that good of friends after all.

Eileen said...

I loved reading that. Doesn't matter that it's a 'repost'.
You have had one of the most interesting lives I've seen. I find it interesting to read about people's 'quirks'.
I can't sleep without music.
I love past life stuff.

I love that JP is your best friend. I was out for ice cream with the kids and another divorced parent the other day and we saw a married couple speaking nicely to each other. It was weird and foreign to me.
I can beat you with the kiss...I was 16.

You should do the 'quiz' one to see how 'bad' the blog people are. I think you were worse than I was...

That girl said...

VV - I have a feeling you may have been one of the people that read this before as well...hehe.

I love that you and your best friends found out you were cousins. How cool!

Hammer - Yeah, what's up with THAT?! It really hurt me when she abandoned our friendship, but I've gotten used to it, it's been over a year...

Eileen - Married people talking nicely to each other?! WHAT is the world coming to? LOL...I do know what you mean though.

Just telling it like it is said...

facinating...I kidda like you especially the part about refilling things...don't ask me why...I just dig ya!!!

pissed off patricia said...

A chill ran down my spine when I read number 19.

Pendullum said...

No.5.. Of course you are, as you are my soul sista!
No.26 made me sad,,,
Size seven???? You and my mom....
No.32.. I hear ya!
No.73... Me too...
No.41... Oh My...Paint by numbers???/ You accountant you!
No 39 Me too... And I wanted braces sooooo bad... But I had perfectly straight teeth...
Country music? Really!?
Even with the country music thing...
I know we could be good friends...

Leilani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
That girl said...

Just telling - maybe it's cause I'm a little bit nuts?! Lol.

MM - Yeah, it was a stupid game of 'dare' when I was little... I didn't think my friend would actually swing the axe, and my friend didn't think I'd actually leave my foot there...and well, he swung and I left my foot there. Ouch.

Pendullum - we ARE soul sisters!!

Leilani - stop deleting your comments darling, people will think I'm censoring someone, hehe...

tweetey30 said...

I have to say you are a very interesting person M... Hope you are enjoying your new look.

Ann(ie) said...

I'm impressed at the several languages you speak, girlie~! I can hardly tackle one some days. AND um, I am a HUGE country music fan. I get shit for it all the time...are you watching Nashville Star????

Have BIG fun at that golf/spa resort. I'm so glad you're getting a re-do!!!!


Fned said...

Oh gosh I feel like I know so much about you already!!!

What a great list!

I know, pretty lame a comment after such a great post, but if you must know I'd started out commenting on each and every point... then thought you'd probably get bored - as would your readers, so "what a great list!" it is instead.